Tee-Piece, Bottom Radiator Hose

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The problem with the Perentie cooling system is that the reservoir can be full (this is just a recovery tank) and the rest of the cooling system can be empty. If you only check the coolant level at this tank you are not checking the actual coolant level. Your RADIATOR can be EMPTY! You must check the level at the brass plug on the thermostat housing. Modifying your Perentie bottom hose and fitting a later expansion allows coolant to fill the system from the bottom. It also allows you to check the coolant level without removing the filler plug.

For this mod you need expansion tank PCF101590 and cap NTC7161. You will need this t-piece and will also need to make a single support mount. You don't need to drill any holes. You will also need some 10mm and 16mm coolant hose and clamps to suit.




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