LT95 Mainshaft/Transfer Oil Seal

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The large oil seal that leaks between the gearbox and transfer case in the LT95. Can be replaced with the gearbox in situ. You will probably need a new snap ring (90571091) for the rear of the mainshaft.

This oil seal is not the only leakage problem. Oil can also migrate along the mainshaft underneath the spacer. When replacing the oil seal refit the spacer with some form of bearing retaining compound to ensure it is sealed to the shaft. If there seems to be excessive internal wear in the spacer just replace the spacer (622538). And fit a new snap ring. If it lets go you will be pulling the gearbox apart.

DO NOT let the mainshaft move forward while you have the snap ring off the mainshaft. The 1st gear thrust can fall out of place making it near impossible to get back.

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