Perentie & 110

Not Your Average 4wd!

When did they start making them?

The earliest compliance plate date we have seen is 1987.

What's the best and worst features of a Perentie?

Perenties only have good features. Simple, strong, reliable and fixable.

Where did the name Perentie come from?

'Project Perentie' was the name of the trials program to replace the then-in-service Series 3 Land Rover.

What’s their fuel consumption with and without the turbo?

Roughly the same. Owner reports put the average consumption from 10 to 12l/100km. Some get better than this; some get worse.

What’s the difference between a 4x4 and a 6x6 Perentie?

The 6x6 is both longer and wider than a 4x4. The 6x6 is also much slower.

Are they difficult to drive?

Only if you are used to hairdresser cars. They are actually quite simple to drive, although some of the gearboxes can take a bit of practice to get used to. Other than that there is nothing difficult about driving them.

I see most are canvas covered tops. Can I get a hardtop?

Every now and then a hardtop version will come up for sale. Some owners have also converted theirs using secondhand panels. Some of these are successful; some not so much. We do have some panels available; contact us for details.

Can you add extra seats to the Perentie?

Yes, but you need to talk to your state's registration authority to determine the correct procedure.

What are some of the best upgrades recommended by KLR for a Perentie?

Keys and power steering. No question. After that it comes down to your budget. Or you can drive them as they are.

Can I fit tubeless tyres to the existing rims?

No. The original rims DO NOT have the safety bead required under the Australian Design Rules.

What sort of off-roading is the Perentie & 110 capable of?

Anything and everything. The Perentie's only limiting factor is the driver.

What parts from a Defender will fit my Perentie?

There is a lot of interchangeability between the two. We have made this easy for you: where parts are common they are listed under all relevant models.