Rover Type Diff Pinion Flange Kit

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Rover diff pinion flange kit to suit fine spline diffs. Suits Disco 1, Disco 2 and late RRC (front and rear). Suits front diffs for all Defenders from approx. '92 on. This kit contains one flange, one pinion seal, one mud slinger, one nut and one bolt (you'll need one or the other).

There were two different splines used on the Rover pinions. The early ones used the "coarse" 4-spline; the later ones (from around '92 on) used the fine spline, and later again they went from using a nut to a bolt to retain the flange (but kept the same spline). Due to the interchangeability of these diff centres you won't really know what you have fitted without removing the pinion nut/bolt to check. If you need the 4-spline one use 236632.

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