LT95 Intermediate Cluster Overhaul Service

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Now: $275.00
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The intermediate cluster in the LT95 transfer case is the weak point of the whole gearbox.  The taper bearings are a better set-up than the original roller bearings, but we still see A LOT of issues with this cluster.  Most of the problems can be attributed to incorrect set up of the cluster to begin with, and we also see issues with the engagement of high range.  If your transfer case is jumping out of low or high range (or both) you have a problem with this cluster.

KLR offer a rebuild service for the intermediate cluster.  Send your complete assembly to us - the three gears, the shaft and bolt, and both of the end plugs.  We will strip, inspect and provide a quote.  In most cases the high range gear is replaced (with a modified one), and new bearings fitted to all three gears.  The threaded boss usually needs to be replaced as well (depending on how hammered it is).  The pre-load on the whole cluster is then carefully set, ready for you to refit the complete assembly back into the vehicle.  In some cases additional parts may be required (this will be specified in the quote).

The above cost is the LABOUR component of this service only.  Any parts used are extra.  Turn around time is usually less than 24 hours.  You will need to pay the freight to get the cluster to us; we will charge you on the final invoice for the return freight.

The intermediate cluster can be removed from the transfer case with the gearbox still in the vehicle - it comes out through the bottom of the transfer case.  Contact us for more information, or just send your cluster straight to us.

We can also do your LT95 centre diff.  Contact us for details.