KLR Turbo Kit 4BD1T for 6x6

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The KLR Automotive turbo kit to suit the 6x6 Perentie. This kit can also be used in other applications to replace the factory turbos fitted to the 4BD1T engines. The kit includes the KLR manifold and turbo assembly, oil drain and oil feed pipes, pipes and hose necessary to modify the existing crossover pipe and most, if not all, of the clamps =, nuts, bolts and washers required. This kit DOES NOT include an exhaust system. Fitting this kit and tuning to our instructions will give about 75% power increase.

More detailed information with a dyno print-out can be found here!

Please note that this kit is on back order and may not be available until approx mid-April 2021. You are still welcome to order this kit, but please contact KLR for more details.

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