Clutch Pivot Post Modification


A very common problem we see with the LT95 bellhousing is wear on the clutch throwout lever pivot post.
The post is usually pressed into its mount with no other retention system.

Over time it tends to flog this hole out, allowing the pivot post to move sideways each time the clutch is used. Eventually there is enough wear that the end of the throwout lever makes contact with the bellhousing causing erratic clutch operation.

One fix we have seen is to drill a hole sideways through the post and its mount and fit a roll pin.
This does not work.

Instead, we have come up with the following fix.

We do this to most bellhousings now when we do a clutch. We recommend you do the same.

If you do not have the equipment you can send your pivot post to us and we will do it for you (at no charge if you also buy one of our clutch kits).

Steps to follow...

The parts you need: the pivot post, an M12 washer or similar at least 2mm thick, M8x55mm Allen head bolt (cap head bolt), M8 spring washer and bearing retaining compound. This job is much easier with the bell housing removed. (Note - you can use 5/16"UNC if this is easier)
pivot-01-100x100px.jpg   (Yellow Arrow) Machine a step in the pivot post the same thickness and ID as the M12 washer.  (Red Arrow)  Drill and tap up the centre of the pivot post to M8.  Cut this thread about 30mm deep.  The post is case hardened; once you are through the first layer it cuts easily.
pivot-03-100x100px.jpg   This is how it will be assembled; don't forget the retaining washer for the throwout lever.
pivot-04-100x100px.jpg   Drill a 9mm hole through the back of the pivot post base.  Drill this hole from the front (photo shows the rear) to ensure it is centred.  You will see why a cap head bolt must be used.  Remove any burrs caused by wear on the front where the post seats.
pivot-05-100x100px.jpg   Assemble with the spring washer under the bolt head.  The M12 washer is used to spread the load across the original casting.  Use some bearing retaining compound (or similar) on the pivot post in the casting to take up any slack caused by wear.  Don't forget the retaining washer for the throwout lever.
pivot-06-100x100px.jpg   How it should look from the front (yours should have the retaining washer as well).  The pivot post should now sit at its original height, but the load is spread onto the casting by the M12 washer.  This will correct existing wear and prevent future wear.  The push-rod end of the throwout lever should no longer rub the bellhousing.  This is a permanent fix and will not be coming apart again.